Domestic Fire Risk Assessments & Fire Alarm Installations

Fire Safety Risk Assessments

Fire safety within the home and in commercial property is an important issue for landlords, especially in mixed use premises such as houses in multiple occupation HMOs where unrelated occupiers, who live independently from one another, share common areas of the same building.

This area of law is covered by both the Housing Act 2004 and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The definitive guidance on this for residential housing is now provided by the LACORS Housing Fire Safety Guidance which helps to manage the relationship between the Housing Act 2004 and the Fire Safety Order by offering advice and assistance to enforcers, landlords, managing agents and tenants, amongst others, on ways to make residential buildings safe from fire, regardless of which piece of legislation is relevant.

When it comes to fire safety, your insurance cover could be at risk if you have not carried out a fire risk assessment or not kept your fire risk assessment up to date.

At KPC we carry out Fire Risk Assessments which can highlight areas that need to be improved to comply with the RRO for commercial and HA 2004 for residential properties.  This responsibility sits with the Landlord whether you have a managing agent in place or not.

Why not take let us provide you with a Fire Risk Assessment and let our contractors carry out the work to ensure your premises is safe.

We now offer annual programmed inspections and log your Fire Risk Assessments.

Our Assessors have over 10 year’s experience in carrying out HHSRS assessments for Fire Safety and have worked with local Fire Safety Office’s on many cases.

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